Basic EV Multi-Domain

DigiCert SSL Certificate

DigiCert, a PKI leader, delivers advanced SSL/TLS certificates with seamless validation and swift issuance.

Market Share : Significant

Min Warranty : $1 million

Multi-Year Options : Yes

Wildcard SSL Support : Yes

Basic EV Multi-Domain


Validation Type



1 week





Product Summary

The EV Multi-Domain certificate is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to encrypt and authenticate your web presence on a single certificate. You can secure domains, sub-domains- even an entire server environment – all at once.. That would be exorbitantly expensive using single domain EV certificates, but it's incredibly affordable with EV Multi-Domain SSL. Best of all, thanks DigiCert's world class validation apparatus, you won't have to wait for a week like you would with other CAs. With DigiCert, validate quickly – and only once – then issue EV certificates instantly for the next 13 months. Backed by a $1,500,000 warranty and the DigiCert Secured Seal – this is a strong, business-authenticated SSL/TLS solution for any website(s).

Malware Scan

SAN Support


Green Address Bar

Server Licensing


Site Seal


Vulnerability Assessment


Key Features

  • Extended Validation
  • Issued within hours
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices
  • Secures both www and non-www domains
  • Secure up to 250 different domains
  • Displays Organization name in address bar
  • Maximum authentication
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Included Dynamic DigiCert Secure Trust Seal
  • $1,500,000 Warranty
  • Risk free 30-day refund policy

  • Standard X.509 Certificate
  • SAN-enabled (up to 250 domains)
  • 256-bit Symmetric Encryption strength
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm (256, 384, 512)
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography capable
  • 2048-bit public key encryption (3072, 4096-bit available)
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Full Organization Authentication

Compatible Browsers

  • 1

    1 YEAR @ 631 PER YEAR

    List Price: 852

    26% OFF


  • Additional Domain/SAN Info:

    Each Additional Domain: 156/year (Min. 2)
    Additional purchasable Domains: 245
  • 2

    2 YEAR @ 600 PER YEAR

    List Price: 1,618

    26% OFF


  • Additional Domain/SAN Info:

    Each Additional Domain: 149/year (Min. 2)
    Additional purchasable Domains: 245
  • 3

    3 YEAR @ 589 PER YEAR

    List Price: 2,385

    26% OFF


  • Additional Domain/SAN Info:

    Each Additional Domain: 146/year (Min. 2)
    Additional purchasable Domains: 245

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Order Summary

  • Total Domains : 3
  • Your saving : --

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Olivia, IT Security Analyst

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Benjamin, Network Administrator

Managing SSL certificates became hassle-free with Https.Global. The comprehensive options catered perfectly to our needs, and their IT support team was responsive and knowledgeable.

Sophie, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As a CTO, I prioritize digital security. Https.Global surpassed our expectations with their SSL certificates. The seamless integration and heightened security have made a significant impact.

Marcus, IT Specialist

Our experience with Https.Global was fantastic. The SSL certificate we purchased not only boosted our website security but also came with superb support. Highly recommend for IT professionals!

Emily, IT Director

Https.Global delivered on their promise of top-notch SSL certificates. As an IT director, I appreciate their commitment to security and the ease with which we implemented their solutions.

David, IT Manager

Securing our online assets was seamless with Https.Global. Their SSL certificate ensured robust encryption, and the installation process was a breeze. Excellent service!