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DigiCert, a PKI leader, delivers advanced SSL/TLS certificates with seamless validation and swift issuance.

Market Share : Significant

Min Warranty : $1 million

Multi-Year Options : Yes

Wildcard SSL Support : Yes

OV Private SSL Certificate


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Less than 1 day





Product Summary

Introducing DigiCert Private SSL Certificates - your ultimate protection against impersonation attacks! With the same key sizes, signing algorithms, and CA protection as our trusted public SSL certificates, these private certificates offer an added layer of security. Each certificate is issued via a privately shared CA, ensuring that no two certificate names are alike. Stay secure and safeguard your online presence with DigiCert Private SSL Certificates.

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Key Features

  • Enjoy unlimited reissues.
  • Use the certificate on unlimited servers.
  • Benefit from backward compatibility.
  • Experience a longer certificate lifecycle.
  • Enjoy savings and simplicity.
  • Supports 99% of Browsers

  • Issued in a day.
  • Organisation Validation SSL
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Unlimited Reissuance

DigiCert has been a leading provider of digital trust for organizations around the globe for 20 years, reliably securing billions of transactions worth billions of dollars for the world’s top companies every day. With an ever-growing suite of award-winning comprehensive solutions, DigiCert enables individuals, businesses, governments, and consortia to engage online with the confidence that their footprint in the digital world is secure. Since its founding, DigiCert has remained steadfastly committed to doing what’s right for the internet, putting people ahead of technology and searching for better solutions to tomorrow’s most challenging problems.

Compatible Browsers

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    1 YEAR @ 113 PER YEAR

    List Price: 165

    32% OFF


  • 2

    2 YEAR @ 113 PER YEAR

    List Price: 330

    32% OFF


  • 3

    3 YEAR @ 113 PER YEAR

    List Price: 495

    32% OFF



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Client Reviews

Olivia, IT Security Analyst

Https.Global's SSL certificates are a game-changer for our security protocols. The detailed analytics and strong encryption make it an IT professional's preferred choice for online protection.

Benjamin, Network Administrator

Managing SSL certificates became hassle-free with Https.Global. The comprehensive options catered perfectly to our needs, and their IT support team was responsive and knowledgeable.

Sophie, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As a CTO, I prioritize digital security. Https.Global surpassed our expectations with their SSL certificates. The seamless integration and heightened security have made a significant impact.

Marcus, IT Specialist

Our experience with Https.Global was fantastic. The SSL certificate we purchased not only boosted our website security but also came with superb support. Highly recommend for IT professionals!

Emily, IT Director

Https.Global delivered on their promise of top-notch SSL certificates. As an IT director, I appreciate their commitment to security and the ease with which we implemented their solutions.

David, IT Manager

Securing our online assets was seamless with Https.Global. Their SSL certificate ensured robust encryption, and the installation process was a breeze. Excellent service!