CSR Generation Steps IBM HTTP Server using Ikeyman

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a certificate signing request (CSR) for IBM HTTP Server using IBM Key Management (IKEYMAN).

  1. Open IBM Key Management (IKEYMAN) on your computer.
  2. Click on the "New" button to create a new key database file.
  3. Select the "Stash file" option and click "OK".
  4. Choose a location to save the key database file and give it a name, then click "OK".
  5. Enter a password for the key database file and click "OK".
  6. Click on the "New" button to create a new certificate request.
  7. Select the "Certificate request" option and click "OK".
  8. Enter the required information for the certificate request, such as the common name, organization name, and email address.
  9. Select the appropriate key size and signing algorithm for the certificate request.
  10. Click on the "Signer's distinguished name" button to enter the information for the certificate authority (CA) that will sign the request.
  11. In the Distinguished Name section, fill in your organization's name, location, and other required fields.
  12. Click on the "Add" button to add the information to the request.
  13. Click "OK" to save the certificate request.
  14. Click on the "Save As" button and choose a location to save the certificate request file in a format like .txt or .csr.
  15. Submit the certificate request file to the CA for signing.
  16. Once the certificate is signed, import the signed certificate and the CA's root certificate into the key database file.
  17. Configure the IBM HTTP Server to use the new certificate and key database file by pointing to the location of the key database file and the password used to protect it.
  18. Restart the IBM HTTP Server for the changes to take effect.
  19. Verify that the certificate is installed and working properly by visiting your website and checking the certificate information.