SSL Installation in Plesk

The steps outlined below will assist you in installing an SSL certificate on a Plesk server. If you have not yet generated your certificate and finished the validation process, refer to our CSR Generation Instructions before proceeding with the instructions below.

Installation Instructions for PLESK:

Step 1: Obtain an SSL certificate
  1. Obtain an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) such as DigiCert, GlobalSign, or Comodo.
Step 2: Log in to Plesk
  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Plesk login page (https://yourdomain:8443)
  2. Enter your Plesk login credentials and click "Log In"
Step 3: Add a new certificate
  1. Click on the "SSL Certificates" button under the "Security" section
  2. Click on the "Add SSL Certificate" button
  3. Select "I already have a certificate and a private key" and click "Next"
  4. Upload the certificate file and the private key file, then click "OK"
Step 4: Assign the certificate to a domain

  1. Click on the "Websites & Domains" button
  2. Select the domain that you want to assign the certificate to
  3. Click on the "Hosting Settings" button
  4. Select the new certificate from the drop-down menu and click "OK"
Step 5: Test the SSL certificate
  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the domain with the https protocol (